Patients want to stay alive but also value maintaining QoL[2][3]

ERLEADA® + ADT significantly improved OS vs. placebo + ADT while maintaining HRQoL.[1]a

HRQoL was maintained from baseline after the addition of ERLEADA® to ADT treatment[1]

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Change in FACT-P PWB subscale score from baseline[1]

FACT-P PWB chart
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Adapted from Chi KN, et al. 2021.

aIn the TITAN final analysis, patient-reported outcomes for HRQoL were assessed by means of the FACT-P questionnaire. A change of 6 to 10 points in the FACT-P total score is the minimally important difference.[1]

bIn the Agarwal analysis from 2019, the median follow-up for time to pain-related endpoints ranged from 19.4 to 22.1 months.[4]

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Increase survival and delay progression

Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT to delay progression and extend life for your mHSPC patients vs. placebo + ADT[1]

Treat early in a broad range of mHSPC patients

Extend life across a broad range of mHSPC patients with ERLEADA® + ADT[1]

Consistent safety profile

Extend life and push back on progression in mHSPC with a consistent safety profile[1]


ADT, androgen deprivation therapy. FACT-P, Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy – Prostate. HRQoL, health-related quality of life. mHSPC, metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. OS, overall survival. PWB, psychological well-being. QoL, quality of life.

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