Treat your mHSPC patients early with ERLEADA® + ADT

At 44 months of median follow-up, the TITAN final analysis confirms a range of benefits for a broad population of patients with mHSPC.[2][3]

With ERLEADA® + ADT, you can delay disease progression and extend the life of your mHSPC patients.[2][3]

  • 65.1% OS rate with ERLEADA® + ADT vs. 51.8% with placebo + ADT at 48 months[2]a
  • 52% reduction in the risk of rPFS vs. placebo + ADT at 2 years; HR: 0.48 (95% CI: 0.39–0.60) p<0.001[3]

You can offer this range of benefits to your mHSPC patients with ERLEADA® + ADT, whilst providing a consistent, acceptable safety profile that is comparable to placebo + ADT.[2][3]

aThe majority of patients were still alive at time of final analysis.[3]

Why treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT?
Treat early to prolong survival and delay progression vs. placebo + ADT[2]
Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT and provide an additional treatment option for mHSPC patients[2]
Treat early in a broad range of mHSPC patients[2]
Treat early and help maintain QoL[2]


ADT, androgen deprivation therapy. CI, confidence interval. HR, hazard ratio. mHSPC, metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. OS, overall survival. QoL, quality of life. rPFS, radiographic progression-free survival.

CP-425776 - November 2023