ERLEADA® + ADT demonstrates a consistent, acceptable safety profile[2]

ERLEADA® is indicated in adult men for the treatment of metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC), in combination with ADT.[1]

Medical castration with gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue (GnRHa) should be continued during ERLEADA® treatment in patients who have not undergone surgical castration.[1]

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ERLEADA® is a practical and convenient treatment for you and your patients[1]

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240 mg once-daily dosing
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Can be taken with or without fooda
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Convenient oral treatment at homeb

aTablets should be swallowed whole.[1]

bNo additional laboratory monitoring requirements beyond routine assessments for AEs.[1]

You can delay the threat of castration resistance in mHSPC with ERLEADA® + ADT 
– the practical, once-daily, oral treatment[1][2]

Click below to find out more about the clinical benefits with ERLEADA® + ADT:

Increase survival and delay progression

Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT to delay progression and extend life for your mHSPC patients vs. placebo + ADT[2]

Treat early in a broad range of mHSPC patients

Extend life across a broad range of mHSPC patients with ERLEADA® + ADT[2]

Maintain QoL

Push back on progression and maintain QoL in mHSPC[2]


ADT, androgen deprivation therapy. AE, adverse event. mHSPC, metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

CP-425776 - November 2023