Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT and provide an additional treatment option for your mHSPC patients[1]


ERLEADA® + ADT delays disease progression vs. placebo + ADT, giving patients with mHSPC the opportunity for an additional treatment option upon disease progression[1][2]

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Subsequent treatments used in TITAN include other hormonal therapies and chemotherapy[3]

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Increase survival and delay progression

Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT to delay progression and extend life for your mHSPC patients vs. placebo + ADT[1]

Treat early in a broad range of mHSPC patients

Extend life across a broad range of mHSPC patients with ERLEADA® + ADT[1]

Maintain QoL

Push back on progression and maintain QoL in mHSPC[1]


ADT, androgen deprivation therapy. mHSPC, metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. QoL, quality of life.

CP-425776 - November 2023