ERLEADA® + ADT empowers you to extend life across a broad range of patients with mHSPC[1]

Consistent long-term survival advantage vs. placebo + ADT was demonstrated in a broad range of mHSPC patients, including those with:[1]

  • Low- and high-volume disease
  • Low- and high-risk disease
  • Newly diagnosed M1 or M1 following prior treatment
  • Gleason score ≤7 or >7

Two scientists

Sub-group OS data[1]

Forest plot of OS according to baseline patient characteristics[1]
OS forest plot

Adapted from Chi KN, et al. 2021.

Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT and push back on progression in a broad range of mHSPC patients[1]

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Increase survival and delay progression

Treat early with ERLEADA® + ADT to delay progression and extend life for your mHSPC patients vs. placebo + ADT[1]

ERLEADA® provides an additional treatment option

Give patients with mHSPC the opportunity for an additional treatment option upon disease progression[1][2]

Maintain QoL

Push back on progression and maintain QoL in mHSPC[1]


ADT, androgen deprivation therapy. ALP, alkaline phosphatase level. CI, confidence interval. EU, European Union. HR, hazard ratio. ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. LDH, lactate dehydrogenase. M1, metastasised outside the pelvis. mHSPC, metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. NA, not available. NR, not reported. OS, overall survival. PSA, prostate-specific antigen. QoL, quality of life. ULN, upper limit of normal.

CP-425776 - November 2023