DARZALEX® SC development

DARZALEX® SC was developed to reduce patient and provider burden without compromising safety and efficacy

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DARZALEX® SC handling and administration
Handling and administration demonstration & information

Overview of the DARZALEX® SC PAVO, COLUMBA and PLEIADES studies

A range of materials, including a practical guide, in-clinic poster and patient materials


DARZALEX® SC contains recombinant human hyaluronidase PH20 (rHuPH20; ENHANZE® drug delivery technology), an enzyme that disrupts the extracellular matrix to open the subcutaneous space, allowing access to the lymphatic and capillary vessels. The mechanism permits DARZALEX® SC to be absorbed quickly into the systemic circulation.[1][2][3]

DARZALEX® SC dose selection

The DARZALEX® SC 1,800 mg flat dose was selected based on the phase 1b PAVO study[4][5]


DARZALEX® SC provides:[1]


* Compared with DARZALEX® IV.

Quick downloads

SC Checklist beginning of treatment

Includes a first use checklist of Darzalex® SC.

Darzalex® SC Practical Guide

Includes DARZALEX® SC handling and administration info, pre and post-injection medications, and more

IRR: infusion-related reaction

IV: intravenous

MOA: mode of action

rHuPH20: recombinant human hyaluronidase PH20

SC: subcutaneous

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