Comparable efficacy with DARZALEX® IV[1][2][3][4][5]


Safety Profile

Similar safety to DARZALEX® IV, with fewer and less severe IRRs[1][5]



3–5-minute injection from the first dose in new patients, and from the next scheduled dose in patients who are currently on DARZALEX® IV[1]



Single fixed dose reduces preparation time and wastage. Available across all approved DARZALEX® IV indications, with no changes to treatment schedules[1]

Patient Experience

Patient experience

Patients receiving DARZALEX® subcutaneously are more satisfied with their therapy than those who receive it as an IV infusion[5]

DARZALEX® SC practical guidance
DARZALEX® SC handling and administration

An interactive video covering the key facts about the handling, preparation and administration of DARZALEX® SC, including a step-by-step demonstration of the subcutaneous administration. The interactive video allows you to easily navigate around different topics of interest, including dosing, administration, AE management, and guidance on clinic and practice changes when going from IV infusions to SC injections.

DARZALEX® SC studies

In this interactive video, Prof. Mateos gives an overview of the DARZALEX® SC PAVO, COLUMBA and PLEIADES studies. Use the video’s navigation tool to access topics of interest, including study designs, efficacy, safety, and Q&A with Prof. Mateos, where she provides her expert opinion on the integration of DARZALEX® SC into clinical practice based on her experience from clinical trials.


Practical guidance for transitioning to DARZALEX® SC

Download or request copies of the practical guide for using daratumumab SC, MDT practicalities slide deck and in-clinic handling and administration poster


AE: adverse event 

ISR: injection-site reaction 

IV: intravenous 

MDT: multidisciplinary team 

SC: subcutaneous

Para visualizar o IECRCM de Darzalex, veja aqui.


RCM DARZALEX ®. Acedido em março de 2022. Disponível em www.ema.europa.eu
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