Indications for DARZALEX®[1]

DARZALEX® for multiple myeloma

Frontline transplant-eligible
Frontline transplant-ineligible
From 2nd line
From 3rd line

DARZALEX® for AL amyloidosis


DARZALEX® practical guides

SC Checklist beginning of treatment

Includes a first use checklist of Darzalex® SC.

Darzalex® SC Practical Guide

Includes DARZALEX® SC handling and administration info, pre and post-injection medications, and more

Dosing schedules for all Darzalex® treatment regimens

Find more about DARZALEX® and multiple myeloma

Prof. Mateos presents 4-year updates of POLLUX study

María-Victoria Mateos of Hospital Universitario de Salamanca

21 February 2020 ASH 2019

Prof. Mateos presents 4-year updates of CASTOR study

María-Victoria Mateos of Hospital Universitario de Salamanca

21 February 2020 ASH 2019

ALCYONE update

Prof. María-Victoria Mateos presents 1-year updates from ALCYONE

DARZALEX® SC practical guidance
DARZALEX® SC preparation

An interactive video covering the key facts about the handling, preparation and administration of DARZALEX® SC

DARZALEX® SC studies

In this interactive video, Prof. Mateos gives an overview of the DARZALEX® SC PAVO, COLUMBA and PLEIADES studies.

Patient materials
Supporting patients on their journey

Access downloadable patient materials to help your patients and their caregivers on their journey with MM treatment

DARZALEX® is the first approved CD38‑targeting immunotherapy for multiple myeloma (MM)[2]


AL: amyloid light chain 

IRR: infusion-related reaction 

MM: multiple myeloma 

MOA: mode of action 

Rd: lenalidomide, dexamethasone 

SC: subcutaneous 

VCd: Velcade®, cyclophosphamide, dexamethasone 

Vd: Velcade®, dexamethasone 

VMP: Velcade®, melphalan, prednisone 

VTd: Velcade®, thalidomide, dexamethasone

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RCM DARZALEX ®. Acedido em março de 2022. Disponível em www.ema.europa.eu
Sanchez, et al. Daratumumab: a first-in-class CD38 monoclonal antibody for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Journal of Hematology & Oncology. 2016; 9:51.
CP-287814 - March 2022